Semi-Annual Camp Idlepines Picture Days
Remember dressing up in your camp shirt and green shorts? or staff members in white shirts and black shorts? or the years we had Camp Idlepines green jackets?

Join the Yahoo Group site if you're an alumnus and see all the picture day photos from Camp Idlepines, as well as complete lists of alumni.

Camp Idlepines Yahoo Group

From the first year and a camp attendance of 35 in 1954, the total grew to 109 in 1974. But the total grew even higher, to 140 in 1983, when the Camp Idlepines Day Camp sessions were added, and the role call included girls as well as boys from around the Strafford area.

Camp Idlepines closed in 1985, after guiding almost 1,400 men and women, girls and boys, through the private camping experience. And while the camp is no longer in session, it will live forever in the Idlepines songs and stories passed down from generation to generation. "When all my little ships," "For Father Time," "Black socks," and "Oh, who owns Bow Lake" will live on. 

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